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I’m creating this page because one of the things that has helped me the most is keeping my mind occupied. This can be a really great tool for some people, therefore I jotted down some things to keep you occupied! I hope this helps 🙂

50 ways to occupy the mind

1: Reading. Clearing your mind and focusing on a good book can really pass the time.

2: Painting. Use your inner creativity!

3: Going for a walk. It keeps you occupied and helps to clear the mind.

4: Start a blog! That’s my biggest outlet right now!

5: Write a book. Or even just write about what you’re interested in.

6: Meditate. It occupies and clears your mind.

7: Watch a movie. It can help pass time.

8: Exercise. Good for your physical and mental health.

9: Go for a drive. This has been one of my biggest things to keep me occupied.

10: Take a bath. It can help keep you calm too!

11: Listen to music. Following along with a song can pass time.

12: Create lists. Create a list of things you need to do or things that help you calm down.

13: Talk to someone. Talking to someone will can help comfort you.

14: Take a nap. Sometimes you just need a quick rest to relax your mind.

15:  Clean. Cleaning can help your mind focus on one task at a time.

16:  Visit friends. Visiting friends and talking can help you stay occupied

17: Go for coffee. Spending sometime to go for coffee can help give your mind a break.

18: Pick up a hobby. This can help stay occupied more frequently.

19: Try something new! Trying new things may lead you to new adventures!

20: Use positive affirmations. Jot down some notes of positive affirmations that you can        read on-the-go!

21: Cooking. It takes some time and is great to keep you occupied.

22: Yoga. Great for your body and mind

23: Gardening. Gardening takes time so its a project to keep you occupied for a while.

24: Blow bubbles! It keeps you occupied AND you get to relieve some childhood glee.

25: Start a bullet journal. This takes a lot of time, but it is also worth it in the end.

26: Take a free class. Learn something new!

27: Organize your room. It takes time but ends with great results.

28: Go for a hike. Hiking is another activity that is great physically as well as mentally.

29:  Build a puzzle. It’s very time consuming.

30: Draw. Drawing and doodling can release a lot of stress.

31: Learn a new language. Learning a new language can always be fun!

32: Do some crafts. Doing crafts is a great way to keep your mind off things.

33: Bake. Bake up some sweet treats to enjoy later!

34: Learn Calligraphy. Calligraphy can be a very soothing and calming practice

35: Sing! Sing to your hearts content!

36: Go to an animal shelter and play with the lil angels. Puppy and kitty therapy is the best.

37: Volunteer. Good for you and the community!

38: Colour in a colouring book. Adult (or even kids) colouring books are so fun!

39: Do a crossword or other little games.

40: Write your feelings down. It can help you get some things off your chest.

41: Go for a swim. Swimming is great exercise and can help clear your mind

42: Burn some sage (if you’re into that). I love burning sage for some mental clarity and it kills time!

43: Learn a new instrument. Always a fun time!

44: Catch up on some shows! That’s always a little relaxing.

45: Do some up cycling! Turn something old and worn into something new and beautiful!

46: Make a scrapbook. You can spend time reminiscing about good times.

47: Watch the sunset. Whether it’s from your front window or you go somewhere specific, theres something about watching the sunset that makes you feel nice and calm.

48: Go get a hair cut. A new look can make you feel refreshed!

49: Plan a trip. Trips are great, and then you’re occupied the whole time!

50: Last but not least, do some self-care!! Your mind, body and spirit are so important, so spend some time taking care of yourself. Whether that means using somethings on this list, or just simply taking time to work on yourself, do it! It’s super important!

6 thoughts on “50 Ways To Occupy The Mind

  1. This is giving me lots of ideas in a stressfull time where I don’t have much else going on!

    1. Oh I am so glad to hear! This is such a hard time for everyone, and having something that can occupy yourself can definitely help take the stress load off a little bit! I hope you’re staying safe! 🙂

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