Welcome to The Bipolar Wave!

Have a look around at posts to help you cope with mental illness, give you inspiration or to help you through a dark time. Little precaution; I use comedy and curse words to get me through these tough times.

A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m a 23 year old writing student with a whole lotta time on my hands.

This is me, and this is my best friend, Boo.

Head on over to my About page to learn more about me, and my diagnoses.

About The Blog

This blog is certainly not strictly about Bipolar Disorder. My diagnosis changed, (I’m still bipolar) but I’ve kept this blog as a space to talk about all mental illness’ and life as it comes. This is definitely not your average mental health blog by no means. I use these posts as a way of letting go of what I’m feeling and just a heads up, I also curse a lot (sorry). If you want to know where it all started (this is a semi-serious post) click here and read about the beginning of my journey: The New Beginning

For now, I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope that in some way it helps. Even if this blog only helps one person, that is still a victory in my books. We are all fighters, fighting different problems, you just have to keep riding the wave!

With love,


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