Welcome to The Bipolar Wave!

Have a look around at posts to help you cope with mental illness, give you inspiration or to help you through a dark time. Little precaution; I use comedy and curse words to get me through these tough times.

A Little About Me

I’m just a normal boring art girl trying to navigate life with a plethora of mental & physical illness.

About The Blog

This blog is certainly not strictly about Bipolar Disorder. My diagnosis have changed over the years, but I’ve kept this blog as a space to talk about all mental illness’ and life as it comes. This is definitely not your average mental health blog by no means. I use these posts as a way of letting go of what I’m feeling and informing and educating others.

For now, I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope that in some way it helps. Even if this blog only helps one person, that is still a victory in my books. We are all fighters, fighting different problems, you just have to keep riding the wave!

With love,


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